about me

I am a visual artist with a research-led practice that often unfolds on the crossroads of life science, technology and participatory social practice. I seek to explore individual and collective motivations through happenings, workshops and longer processes of interaction—in which the audience and collaborators are playfully engaged in experiences that enable a new construction of their consciousness. I consider art a means to provide the embodied experience that theory itself lacks and help to account for the new meanings that emerge alongside our technologically mediated society. Such transformations entail new forms of ethical relations between individuals and systems, for what I aim at switching from historical oppressive models of control to a collective production of power. My performative work materialises and is documented through different media (video, digital application and photography). I am part of Translocalia (www.translocalia.com), a network of artists, curators, designers, and professionals from different domains that plan for the future through art.