about me

Paula Nishijima is a Brazilian artist and researcher based in the Netherlands. Her research-led practice focuses on the intersection of life science, technology and art. She considers art as a mean to provide the embodied experience that theory itself lacks and help to account for the new meanings that emerge alongside our technologically mediated society. In order to create new forms of ethical relations, Paula studies dynamics of living systems within networks and questions the traditional divisions of nature/culture, humans/non-humans and so forth. She usually works in collaboration with other authors or a general audience, which entails an unpredictable aspect of her works’ outcomes. She explores individual and collective motivations, either through happenings or longer processes of interaction, whereby her production unfolds and materialises into different digital media (video, digital application and photography). Paula is co-founder of the collective Think Twice (www.thinktwicecollective.com), a network of interdisciplinary researches that use critique and artistic provocations as tools to produce reflections and spark new ways of thinking. Since 2015, she is a collaborator of Translocalia (www.translocalia.com) and between 2013 and 2014, she was a researcher collaborator for the Goethe-Institut/São Paulo in the project Studio Visits.