Game of Swarms

Game of Swarms is a commissioned artwork project for the Mutant Institute, as part of the programme of Matadero Madrid 2019. It stems from my study on network topologies and the research I conducted with three ethologists specialised in social insects, such as ants and bees. Both ants and bees rely their social architecture on the capacity of forming intelligent collective structures without a clear-cut commanding centre— contrasting to the human political configuration of sovereignties.

The project consisted of three phases: a research on social insects conducted with a team of ethologists; elaboration of a representative narrative of the theoretical framework to communicate the content of the research—an audiovisual piece exhibited during the and, lastly, a performative work to engage various parts (e.g. audience, research team), in which through a series of encounters, collaborators were invited to reflect on the biological self-organised network model of swarms and left in charge to decide what rules should be set for the game within this framework.

The project draws on theories about the forces of organisation and control of living organisms within a network, and how these forces configure the capacity of carrying out complex tasks through self-organisation. This contributes to the discussion about how the world is tackling global problems, such as the environmental crisis and climate change, and how the actors involved in such issues will have response- ability and adapt together to these transformations.

study for the 3D animation Game of Swarms


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