The anti-genealogy of particles

The anti-genealogy of particles (potato I), 2022, potato, blue colouring, photograph

‘Always look for the molecular, or even submolecular, particle with which we are allied. We evolve and die more from our polymorphous and rhizomatic flus than from hereditary diseases, or diseases that have their own line of descent. The rhizome is an anti-genealogy.’

Gilles Deleuze. ‘A Thousand Plateaus.’

I am interested in the trivial yet expanding nature of potatoes. Their flesh tuber has nodes—also called ‘eyes’—from which new shoots and new roots sprout. These eyes, therefore, are the portals for new stories and definitions; their multidimensional body of growth carries the potential for the embodiment of different universes. I like the blue potatoes because they come from the sky, and not from the earth.


Kin(d) Relations, Transpalette/Antre-Peaux, Bourges, France, exhibition view, 2022, photo: Margot Montigny

In the series The anti-genealogy of particles, potatoes are not defined by their own nature as potatoes, but by their potential to ‘becoming-blue’. Their anti-natural colour claims the right to spread the particles that are not the ones we inherited, but the ones we changed.

*This work was developed during my residency at Bonfire 2022. More about process and theme can be seen at @Bonfire.